Buffalo Zine No.2

Issue #2

"Elastic band bound with two editions absolutely rammed with fascinating material. We love the “intentionally a bit ramshackled but oh so well printed” appearance and it’s lack of modesty. Let’s just say there are plenty of bum flashes, interviews with bands, underground street fashion, polaroid pictures and a cover shot of Chloë Sevigny, could you make a better package to win our hearts with zine makers? We can’t wait to see what will come next." 
It's Nice That, September 2013

Buffalo Zine no.2 is two siamese volumes that talk to one another. Creators, more than artists, and their work blend into one story; the story of existence itself. Adolescence, friends, sex and sexuality, the importance of normal things, art without a gallery, style without a stylist. Strangers that have a lot to say, and street style in a literal sense.

In this issue, the creatures of the night meet with the women from The Raincoats, Chloë Sevigny chats with her best friend, Tony Ward bares his soul, Larry Clark talks about politics and the mysteries of life, and Michael Jackson’s official portrait artist says he is not as smart as people think. The contents are presented with so much realism that they become immortal, like Kurt Cobain’s last home, or photographing Salem next to a swimming pool.

21 x 28cm / 216 pages